Let’s start by explaining what SEO stands for. It’s the short form of the Search Engine Optimization and can be defined as follows:

SEO concept (search engine optimization) means those who make a stronger contribution to search engines will increase the chance of getting popularity and importance of websites in the search results for consumers and offer high rankings. It also can be considered as a set of methods for improving website traffics.

This process expresses the most important related factors of the page and increases its importance in the search results page. It’s not going to be as easy as that may sound. A lot of experience and patience is needed to implement as it wont be easy. With the continuous improvement of their ranking algorithms, search engines are unpredictable. Therefore, the responsibility of SEO engineers to keep their knowledge up to date. At Hiweb you’re leaving all this hard work to our content marketing team. For ranking a site, Google’s ranking algorithm has more than 200 criteria. For efficient SEO implementation, SEO engineers should consider the most significant of these requirements.

How SEO became popular?

In the 1990s, the first search engines were launched; some of the most popular were Infoseek, Alta Vista, and Yahoo. People were looking at search engines as a list at the time, and it was with yellow pages in alphabetical order.

Newer search engines emerged as the Internet expanded. They’ve used more
advanced scoring algorithms. These algorithms used the criterion for keyword density (the number of times a keyword or phrase we were using on a page divided by the total number of words on the page). Often, keyword-like tags are used to understand the content of websites. Following this development, Seobra began its activities to establish the sites.

Following this development, Seobra began its activities to make the sites more accessible. With the development of search engine page rankings, SEO engineers have sought to find ways to be successful in rating these engines using both ethical and unethical approaches.

A report written in the New York Times in November 1996 spoke about web developers using unethical SEO techniques to get to the top of the search pages.
Web developers could easily load a site with unique keywords that are normally concealed behind the graphics of the site

As described earlier, having high rankings for particular keywords was much simpler in the early days than it is today. The use of unfair behaviors at the time was a ticket to the top of the search results page. Search engine algorithms have become more advanced today, and it is very difficult for search engine optimization engineers to exploit search engines. Although this cat-and-mouse game between SEO and search engines still exists today and will continue.

What are the SEO goals?

SEO’s goal is to have websites score high in organic search results. In comparison, there is an improvement in the relevance of pages and keywords entered by users. Showing any of the pages relevant to the entered search query
has many advantages for both the customer and the search engine. As a result, the customer gets the most important search results and the search engine becomes more accurate.

After SEO started to improve the ranking of sites in search results, this process requires knowledge and time to implement its methods. Time is the biggest investment to optimize a site or a page.

SEO optimization
Result of SEO optimization

What is SEO optimization

SEO can take weeks or months to get results. It all depends on how
many competing keywords you’re using. You will not see the results of the search engine optimization quickly. In the long term, though, the advantages of SEO would improve site rankings as well as increase visitors. It is very important for websites to be on the first page of Search Results, particularly among the top three organic results.

It is not shocking that websites struggle for the goods and services they offer in search results rankings. For example, the competitive keyword “auto insurance”
accounts for 1.5 million Google searches a month. As a result, the top three rankings account for 58.4%of visitors and the top three rankings for 36.4% of visitors. This is helpful for those pages that are at the top of the search results,
especially those that increase the number of their users as the traffic on the web increases.

Another research reveals that searchers are very fond of tapping organic links in the search pages. The study showed that 72.3 percent of Google users click natural links to search results, and just 27.3 percent of users click paying list links. This is another reason why businesses are aware of the effects of SEO and able to devote time and resources to it.

In general, SEO goals can be summarized as follows :
  • It has a great effect on website visits.
  • Creates a brand.
  • It will increase site traffic.
  • As a result, the website ranks better on the search engine results page.
  • It will increase product sales.
  • It is the best tool for advertising.

What is on-page SEO?

On-Page SEO refers to the direct management of the code or content on your website, including text, photos, links, etc. Generally, everything you upload to your
web is linked to SEO On Tab. This approach is the basis of all optimization, and it is where you have the most power. Any changes you make to the content of your site will impact the outcome of your search. It is really necessary that the SEO On-Page process is performed correctly before using the Off-Page SEO system.

Why use On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is vital as a result of this, it allows search engines to grasp the web page, in addition to deciding if it is applicable to a searcher’s query.

When search engines get even more refined, the software results pages rely more on relevance and linguistics (SERPs).

Google, with its excess of complex algorithms, is much stronger at:

  • Understanding what users are literally sorting out once they write down the question.
  • Delivering search results that satisfy the user’s purpose (informational, shopping, navigational).

Adapting to new trends is key. You will be able to delete it by ensuring that the website and its content—each accessible to visitors on your websites (i.e. text, pictures, video, or audio) and components that are only visible to search engines (i.e., HTML tags, structured data).

It takes into account a variety of facets of the website that will boost the popularity of the website in the search results after they have come together.

What is off-page SEO?

Unlike the SEO On-Page process, the off-page optimization method involves all improvements that are made outside the website. This includes everything that can help you get a good ranking on the blog. SEO Off Page focuses mainly on obtaining backlinks (links that point to the site from other sites) and then optimizes the search engine to use off-site approaches.

White hat or black hat SEO?

The words ‘white hat’ and ‘black hat’ derive from old (black and white) cowboy movies, in which heroes frequently wore a white hat, and villains a black hat that makes a simple contrast between characters. In black-hat SEO, approaches that do not conform with existing standards are used, with the primary goal of ranking higher with as many tourists as possible to draw on some significance.

Typically, the answer comes only after there’s a crisis. The number of keywords were sought after search engines became new. More often than not, using
a single term indicated more importance. Since too many vendors took advantage of this and merely filled out the pages of the most common keywords, the search algorithm was improved.

How google worked before

Backlinks were used in another form in the past. Inside Google’s PageRank, a lot of importance is added to link a page from other websites. Previously, this was not reviewed for significance hence businesses just bought backlinks from connecting farms. When Google stopped this, a number of websites fell tremendously in the search rankings.

white SEO
Hiseo White SEO

What is white hat SEO?

In technical terminology, white-hat SEO refers to a collection of tools,
approaches, and tactics that obey the guidelines and instructions of search engines. This does not involve hacking or abusing search engines or consumers in any manner whatsoever. It’s sometimes called an ethical SEO. As it would either have a long-term deployment or use the correct rules and strategies to achieve high rankings of search engine performance.

Black SEO
Hiseo Black SEO

What is Black Hat SEO? (Black Hat)

In other words, the term black hat SEO refers to a set of commands used to deceive, play, and manipulate search engine algorithms to obtain high rankings. Also, It is important to know that these methods are immoral and will not be endorsed by any search engines. Therefore using these methods carries the risk of getting removed from the database list forever.

Doing black-hat SEO tactics may cause a sudden increase in search results, but can lead to fines or complete removal from the search engine database.

Paid links

There is a chance to purchase connections from different websites. But, uh… This is not what you expect, nor is it the intention. Google is committed to ensuring that you deserve your authority and should not purchase or buy. Among other items, Google expects these connections to earn a no-follow tag for that very reason.

Spam comments

It’s something that hardly anybody misses. Such needless and often irritating material that has little connection to the content. This is also known as the spam connection. The use of a no-follow link, despite it being an unknown practice with no search engine returns would be used several times off-site.

Article spinning

It is a technique that you can sometimes run across but doesn’t do a lot for you in clinical practice. A media spinning method, such as article spinning, operates on the basis of a supplied document. This document will be analyzed to create specific texts with the right keywords.


Cloaking is a tactic whereby search engines are fooled to crawl separate material than the content on which they depend. The knowledge has a propensity to mislead the search engine’s ‘spiders.’

Keyword spamming

With keyword spamming, pages with this keyword only (or cleverly with a combination of one or two other keywords) are packed. As there are so many hyperlinks on this list, you are not likely to travel in a normal fashion across the page. When we observe how the material might have looked to the commission,
it can be shown that keywords were often inserted in a non-visible format.


When we speak of Bad SEO, we are talking about an unscrupulous competitor attacking his opponent in an immoral way. To support its rival in rating, the black hat website would compensate for a number of poor backlinks for the preferred website.

Search Engine Optimization: Technical Analysis

The methods in this analysis survey are:

  • Increase external links
  • Rename files
  • keywords
  • Use Meta Tag
  • Correct use of the title
  • Use robots.txt
  • Content optimization

What is the role of SEO in Website design?

Remember any of these things while building the website. The better-built website would draw more robots’ interest.

Website page (URL) optimization

When you visit a website, Google analyzes the URLs on that domain. Because more and more readable, more and more meaningful these URLs will be.

Keyword research

A keyword analysis is around what people are looking for on the Internet. Through this study, you will generate site content dependent on user needs. Therefore the resources that will help you locate these terms are being brought to you. Here are few other strategies you can try.

SEO title optimization meta title

The title of the article is similar to what Google’s website suggests. Display the title as appealing, utilizing the main keyword. Use this title of around 45-50 words, then tag it with the H1 tag.

Text structure optimization

It is achieved using headers H1, H2, H3,…. The title is H1, the primary heading is H2, and their subheadings are H3 and so on. This would also allow Google to recognize the structure of your text and increase its readability.

Anchor Text
Hiseo Example of Anchor Text

Using Anchor Text 

Anchor text implies the connections you insert inside the actual text. These ties must be important and the subject must be relevant.

Meta description
Hiseo Example of Meta description

Meta description

That is the text that appears on Google web results. The text previously had about 155 words, but now this amount has fallen. Meta explanations can help the viewer identify the nature of the website.

Keyword stuffing
Hiseo Example of Keyword density

Optimize keyword density

You may not need to fill up the text with relevant and vibrant phrases. Divide the document into many paragraphs such that viewers can comprehend all of the thoughts at the same time. Please note that the document has keywords and understandable sentences. It is deemed as no valuable knowledge to the customers.

Schema marking codes

Use these codes to let Google know what your website is about. You will find more codes at schema.org. We will publish a post about it later. Keep in mind that several of the top websites are written in a variety of formats. You may use Google software to decide whether your site ranks.

Optimizing photos and images

What are the consequences of photographs and videos on SEO? The pace of the web depends on the scale of the site photos. We don’t want a platform that loads slowly. There are resources and places that allow you to reduce images without losing quality. Another relevant point would be picture titles and alt tags. It will provide Google an interpretation of the topic and its connection to the text.


Responsiveness means a website that is compatible with all devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and so on. In this case, users can see images and posts well with any device that shows the site.

Hiseo Example of Site A backlink site B

Getting Backlinks

Linking externally is backlink. By providing good quality material, you will get others to connect to you and rank higher in search engines. We have shared this with you to give you some guidance and not to use black hat tactics at some time. Google is also more conscious of spam connections and advises you not to use them.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…

Using Social Media

How can social media not affect the rank of the SEO? Being part of social media helps you to encounter other people and gain new views. You connect directly to your blog by linking to your content on social networks. Another thing to bear in mind is that connecting across social networks helps you communicate with your audience, who read your post, chat about it, and share it with their mates. Therefore you will finally be remembered by your clients and build your own brands names.

How to gain Google trust?

Google trusts your site in three ways:

  • A platform that has material that is frequently maintained and regularly linked to is well known by Google.
  • In any scenario, adults deserve consideration, even Google knows that. A platform that has been going for a long time.
  • You must get an SSL certificate from your hosting company. It has a thorough overview to address later. As the user’s privacy is your duty, you will know it is protected.
Hiseo conclusion


At Hiweb company we will do everything for you so you won’t be bothered by these things. If you ask is it really important to use SEO?

The answer can be different depending on your business as for some it might not be the case and others it’s the must. If you want to be on the first page of Google and get more traffic to your website then SEO is the real deal for you. Therefore, we can help you with that so sign up and choose your SEO package on Hiseo. Contact us to help you choose the best one for your business.